My teacher training, classroom teaching, non-formal education experiences and most recent work as a teacher educator have been informed by and are clearly oriented around an interdisciplinary, experiential, place and project-based approach to teaching and learning. I am passionate about co-creating with my students a space in which teaching, learning, and research are informed by relationships, community engagement, and a commitment to positive socio-ecological change. I seek opportunities with my students to challenge and explore our relationship(s) with the more-than-human world.


Current Courses—University of Ottawa

  • PED3113 Primary/Junior Science & Physical & Health Education
  • PED 3102 Schooling & Society
  • PED 3150 Professional Inquiry into Practice
  • PED 3153 The Context of Ontario Middle and Secondary Schools


Past Courses—University of Ottawa

  • PED 1159 Primary/Junior Science Education
  • PED 2145 Primary/Junior Physical & Health Education
  • PED 3134 Social Justice & Global Education
  • PED 3136 Holistic Education


Past Courses—Queen’s University

  • Outdoor Education I (1998-2003)
  • Outdoor Education II (1998-2003)
  • Educational Uses of the Environment (2003-2004)—Teaching Assistant
  • Principles and Programs in Experiential Education (2003-2004)— Teaching Assistant


“There is a double learning process at issue here: cultural and educational systems need to engage in deep change in order to facilitate deep change—that is, need to transform in order to be transformative.”
(Stephen Sterling, 2000, Sustainable Education)